Welcome to Spirit Ridge Equestrian

Spirit Ridge Equestrian

This beautiful 18 + acre facility in Glenmore offers horses and riders a spacious and safe environment to enjoy the equestrian sport.

Spirit Ridge Equestrian is a boarding training and lesson facility that offers boarding options with spacious stalls, day paddocks, or outdoor paddocks with shelters.  

Spirit Ridge Equestrian Facility

Our facility located at 199 Reynolds Road, Kelowna, has both indoor and outdoor arenas, a round pen, a trail obstacle course, cross-country jumps, and pasture turnout. We also have a short trail ride course through the trees and access to trials.

We have full-time staff to ensure the care of the horses and offer lessons on our own horses and ponies for all ages. 

Clinics for dressage, jumping, cross-country, and trail obstacles are offered throughout the year as well as facility events.

Come and enjoy our equestrian family of diverse equestrians in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


Facility Facelift 2023 & 2024

In the summer of 2023, we enlisted the services of Farrow Built, a highly skilled company, to undergo significant renovations to our facility. This involved a complete renovation of our indoor arena where we replaced all the beams and enclosed the space. While initially nostalgic about parting ways with the charming, aged barn wood, we repurposed some to clad the exterior of our newly built second-floor viewing lounge and used some for a couple of distinctive feature walls inside and it is stunning!

To enhance functionality, a 4-foot angled kick wall was integrated, complemented by a 6-foot UV polycarbonate enclosure around all sides. This specialized polycarbonate efficiently regulates heat while allowing ample natural light to permeate the area. Additionally, to accentuate the space further, Valley Glass was commissioned to install a 6-foot high mirror spanning the entire length of the back wall. Coupled with the enhanced natural light from the polycarbonate above, the result is a stunning visual aspect.

In addition to structural improvements, new footing provided by Premier Equestrian was installed and an overhead irrigation system from Arena Water that allows for effortless watering of the footing even in freezing conditions, adding to its convenience. Complementing these enhancements, a newly designed harrow from Premier Equestrian, along with a John Deere gator work to keep the footing light and fluffy. 

Further improvements include the addition of a heated and air-conditioned second-floor viewing lounge. With large wall-to-wall windows and comfy recliners, viewers can put their feet up while watching the horses and riders. An additional office space was also added on the second floor which allowed for expanded storage on the main floor for easy access to jumps and WE (Working Equitation) obstacles.

As part of the comprehensive renovations, the arena’s red roof was replaced with a sleek black finish, echoing the upgrade carried out on the stables. Looking ahead, in 2024 our upcoming plans involve finalizing renovations and roofing for the shop in the spring, aiming for a cohesive and uniform aesthetic across all buildings. Currently, we are working on replacing our outdoor arena fencing with nice big chunky 6×6 square treated posts and fencing as well as an upgraded irrigation system.

During the summer of 2023, we brought in Brian from Equitech Solutions to design and build several cross-country fences and design a cross-country training course for us which we will continue to work on in the spring of 2024.

We are thrilled with these changes and are looking forward to hosting clinics and events on the farm.

The Lund Family