Canoe Creek

Spirit Ridge riders and horses traveled to Maeve Drew Eventing Clinic at Canoe Creek on October 1st & 2nd.  New to eventing and this being my first ride over jumps in open fields and on a borrowed pony I was as nervous as I was curious.  Arriving on Friday afternoon gave all of us time to get organized and gallop around the fields.  The weather was bright and beautiful, and the horses all loved a gallop.  A surprise visit from a past stable mate at Spirit Ridge, Savon Lyon who pop by for a visit with her new horse was a highlight.  The perfect start to the weekend.

 Saturday was spent in the outdoor arena jumping and learning about the 5 steps, line, pace, balance rhythm, and timing. All horses and riders excelled under Maeve’s direction.  Maeve is an encouraging, talented, and humorous coach, one particular quip stuck with all of us – “Your horse is 5, he’s still in Kindergarten eating crayons”. Entertaining AND Accurate. 

Sunday was the day out in the cross-country fields where there were jumps, ditches, water elements, and banks.  My pony Dreamer showed her bravery over the ditch and was willing and forward to everything else including the water.  There were no unplanned dismounts and there was lots of cheering, and laughter as riders and horses galloped over the obstacles.  

Spirit Ridge has been busy adding jumps, ditches, and banks in the turn out fields, in hopes that next year hosting a clinic on site. 

Submitted by Joan Niemeier

Spirit Ridge Equestrian

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